Between presence and absence (transparent blue/red/purple/pink)


The object inside the casing is seen as a dual image. It is an artwork in which a special film is adhered to a clear acrylic frame that offers different perspectives that vary when seen at an angle. This implies that anything can be seen differently depending on the dissimilarities of people’s points of view or standpoint. Once the artwork is lit up by the exhibition’s display spotlight, its brightness and chroma becomes highermore intense. However, when it is displayed near a window under direct sunlight, it produces gradual increasing color in the morning light, it then becomes duller towards evening.
The object inside the casing which is inspired by an Antique frame and is made from materials such as FRP (fiber reinforced plastic), or sometimes aa sstore-bought frame. I emphasize a sense of deprivation by removing the portrait which should be in the frame. It is the intention of this artwork that ‘The blur in hue’ suggests a sense of emotional loss, inarticulacy and uncertainness which will eventually be revealed, like a family member or neighbor who will not remain someday as time passes.

Year2015-2016Size10.4 × 10.4 × 2.4 inch,  26.5 x 26.5 x 6.3 cmMaterialMixed media ( Acrylic case / optical film/ oil, acrylic on panel/ Fibre-reinforced plastic), ミクストメディアEdition5