Between presence and absence (existence)

A dark object and a light-box are incased in an acrylic frame covered with a special chemical film. LED light under the object cycles a set of colors gradually. The appearance of the object flows and alternates because of the ten cycling colors of the LED light. In a darkened room, the colors of the LED light looms brilliantly beyond the box. The audience will experience the indescribable hue of the lights and the various apparitions of the object.
This slowly, ever-changing artwork appears differently within the light and dark change of the exhibition sites. This was created based on my perception that art is a device to stimulate a visual sense. My intention for this artwork is to imply that any occurrence will reveal a different aspect depending on the individual’s feelings or stand point.

特殊な化学フィルムが貼りこまれたアクリル額の中に黒いオブジェとライトボックスが入っている。オブジェの下にはLEDライトが仕込まれていて、 ゆっくりと時間をかけて色が移り変わっていく。ライトの色は全部で主に10色程度あり、徐々に色が変わることで中のオブジェの見え方までもが多様に移り変わっていく様を見ることができる。暗い部屋ではよりLEDライトの色が鮮やかに浮かび上がり、幻想的な色合いとオブジェの見え方の変化を体感できる作品となっている。

Year2015Size16.5 × 11.8 × 8.5 inchMaterialMixed media ( Acrylic case / optical film/ acrylic on panel / frame/ LED light)Edition5